African Sculptures

Much time neglected and overlooked as a potential treasure trove of significant art works, African art and, in particular, African sculpture, cracked onto the international fine art scene in the nineteenth century when a band of colonialists uncovered some of the most complex bronze cordon in the world, the Benin Bronzes.

In reality, the first known statues were unearthed in metropolis of Nok in Nigeria’s south in 500BC and truth be told, it was the African artist’s ability to create objets d’art which engendered strong and emotional responses including imagination and mysticism which prompted a number of the leading artists of the time, including Picasso, Gauguin and Modigliani, to successfully take hold of abstraction.

Although the famous, prehistoric Benin Bronzes, influenced and encouraged by noble patronage, are arguably the most famous of Africa’s sculptures; man had recently been carving figurines, masks and busts out of a range of materials, including terracotta, ebony, ivory, ceramics and other hardwoods. Today, sculptures are created away of any durable materials with sound, text and lightweight considered important elements.


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